Living from the land is of course the basis for settlement in the High North as elsewhere, but here fishing, hunting and berry picking are still an integral part of everyday living. Many families cherish the traditions of gathering and stock up on fish, game and berries before winter.

Hugheim is located by the best fishing opportunities in Europe, be it deep sea fishing or inland.

A space for sourcing
Simon is sourcing for dinner and for bringing back delicious fish filets to Germany for the winter
Jeanette gets her first halibuts, but next steps…
Inland lakes are innumberable and provides a varied, good fishing. Trout and char are the most popular species

More than 90% of the land in Finnmark county is public land, and most of it well suited for grouse hunting. As days get shorter in the end of September the grouse prepares for winter and turns white. In the lower coastal areas the willow grouse can be abundent, and a pointing dog can be the hunters best friend. Most areas are however the realms of the ptarmigan (Lagopus mutus) and invites for exploring barren mountain areas where the grouse is shy and my dog support the apport of challenging and infrequent baggings.

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